Straight lines

It was a blur
My thoughts were a haze
Someone is slowly pulling my heart away
Something rings in my ear too loud
She speaks but I cannot hear
I remember her apple pie
How her eyes wrinkle at the sides when she smiles
How brightly the sun shines at her face
How as bright as the sun it is
That it blinds me; it’s too much beauty
I cannot see clearly
Because it’s fading
Slowly, I’m burning
Words are drowning in my mind
But my mouth just won’t let them flow
But then I thought no.
It’s not my mouth nor my heart
Because it’s still working, I think.
And then there it is;

A straight line that silenced me.



My cheeks are burning against your chest
Your skin is acid to my scars
Your eyes are a blue flame
I flap my wings around its light

A long, winding rollercoaster

I intently listen to the coffee pot for its first gurgling sound
My door hinge is rusting.
Wind blows beneath my curtains,
I get up and close the door.

On a clothesline

I am a tee hanging on a clothesline
Clothespin of sorrow detaches me from the ground
I watch as the flower grows, and the grass withers
It is a carpet of lacquered green
Spots of bright reds and yellows scattered
I’m a grey that blends with the clouds of anger
I watch as heaps of fluid blemish their gleaming colours
But their skin is a varnish resisting tears from the sky
And I am a cotton soaking oceans from above.

pointless thoughts, it may seem

my head is ringing

like a couple has just been made legal

except that i don’t feel rejoiceful, at all

but rather like a stranger walking down an isolated road

surrounding are limbs of robots, giant robots

except that they are still, so still

like they might be sleeping

and you remember yourself and feel your skin

you shoud be the one resting

i should be reviewing

a blur of words and one good serving of caffeine

i try to keep everything under my breath

i breathe in and your voice gets higher

my music louder, i let out a breath

i cup my hands, the light is blinding

i try to focus and you keep on talking

can’t you see i don’t like you

i don’t like your aaah’s and oh’s

for once i want to hate you

and yes i do

but for this moment i try to stay away from you