(v.) the only thing you could do when everyone’s going home already for the Chinese New Year and you’re just there, alone, thinking of all the festivities they could be doing right now cursing our technology for not yet inventing teleport

P.S. We’re not Chinese, though. But still… :c



Sharing this just because it’s too accurate (for me, at least) I want to cry. Finally, someone did the favor of putting into words (and even putting harmony into it. Just perfect) my sentiments for a long time now.

Now I can’t even. Agh.


Sometimes those pop-up’s on the Internet are not that bad at all. This video discovery is a testimony. Now I’m LSS to it HAHA.

Nice vocals. Nice lyrics. (I’m not a song critic, tho. HAHA) I think I’m addicted to it already.

“Does that make me crazy?”

Remember when…


So maybe you’ve heard of Taylor Swift’s new viral video performance on the Grammy’s already. Yeah she’s amazing, as usual. People are all like “Aaaah Taylor Swift feels huhu.” For a moment there I thought like that as well, but then it hit me..

What if there’s nothing to remember at all?



So he just really doesn’t care. He just really doesn’t know how to recognize. K.

TBH, I thought I’m over him already. But she brings it up again, and I remember. I remember his perfection in all my imperfections. I remember him. And he doesn’t even know me. Ha. Who am I kidding?

Forget it.

Not Today

I’ve been listening to this song forever but it’s only now that I understand the lyrics of it. HAHA. But now I understand and by that I mean I “understand.” Could this be my theme song now? Hahaha.

Lately I’ve been so emotional I’m starting to hate myself. I cry over someone who doesn’t even bother take time to know me. I fall for someone who doesn’t even care about my presence. I love someone who doesn’t even recognize my feelings for him. And now I’m tired.

“If all you have is leaving I will need a better reason to write you a love song today.”

On The Sidelines

This is a story I would like to forget- Anonymous

Exactly. This is a story I would love to forget. So I’m overreacting again, I guess. Same old, same old. I see a guy and then I think he’s kind of cute maybe he likes me too. So I make an effort for him, to try to get his attention. Then we smile at each other. And we laugh. And I smile at him. I smile in front of him. I smile when I’m thinking of him. I smile when I dream about him. Then he smile. But a smile for another girl. Another girl he likes. So they smile at each other. And they laugh. And they fall in love for each other. And I cry. I cry over him. Without even him knowing. I think of the what-could’ve-been‘s and the if-only‘s, as I cry myself to sleep, as I wish for this time to just skip.